CD12 "no sex boy"


excerpt 0.09 (wave, 100ko, 11khz, 8 bits)

i'm the no sex boy, don't think it's fun
i stay alone, petting a bold cat
the shutters are closed, i never answer the phone
i don't pay the bill so i stay in the dark
they think i'm gone to eldorado or acapulco
but in fact i'm here silent sitting on a chair
petting the bold cat, watching the bed
where i never sleep cause i never sleep
(at least that's what i think,
but i don't know for real because there is no one to tell me

i do nothing, i wait for nothing
i wait for no one and that's good, because to wait is to suffer
at least now i don't wait anymore, i don't suffer anymore

i just watch my bed...i see the dry sperm
it's a long time ago, i was still masturbating
once calling cunts, once calling cocks
now i've stopped at least ( my cock is small )
it's hard to say if i'm a boy or i'm a girl ( my balls are shrinked )
neither a boy, neither a girl
i'm a no sex boy sitting in nowhere
waiting for nothing, loving no one
petting a bold cat dead a long time ago
watching my dry sperm shooted a long time ago

i'm a no sex boy, leave me alone girl
there is no cock in my pants, you don't need to smile to me
leave me alone boys, my asshole is just shit
and i'm not even sure i'm shitting anymore
leave me alone, i'm a no sex boy petting a bold cat
and now that's the night -
Copyright Costes 1996-1997