CD07 "the end of the trail"


excerpt 0.08 (wave, 84ko, 11khz, 8 bits)

bunker boys love dildos in their ass
concrete cold dildo you can trust in it
they keep the dildo in and they remember the law
dildo always hard stays hard
cols concrete dildo stays hard

beat the woman who looks at your balls
cut her boobies and kill her
leave her bloody puppet on the carpet
and since this day i kept burning my cock, tying my cock

dildo boys, bunker boys, she won't touch your cock
your cock is for your brother
bunker boys trust bunker boys and women can cry
they will die starving, no sperm for their cunt, no sperm for their mouth

i eat my sperm, my mouth is my brother
i respect the law and i dream of you
bunker boys, bunker brothers, my friends, my lovers
dildo boys...she won't get the sperm and i don't care her tears -
Copyright Costes 1996-1997