CD05 "lung farts"


excerpt 0.07 (wave, 70ko, 11khz, 8 bits)

i wanted to forget this fuck
i said no but the cock said yes
sex is dope! sex is dope!
when i'm down i say no but when i'm high i say yes

that's what you say when the cock is down, but the cock gets hard and you have to go
sex is dope! sex is dope!

oh my cock gets hard and i have to go
she opens the legs and she knows
and when i move in her cunt, she is so beautiful
she has the bum of venus and the ass of appollo
and when i come i feel in my blood love climbing from balls to brain
a dirty wave along the spine-tickle tickle in my teeth- oh that's love!
but when i've come i see the cow, the female looking for children, the dirty pets smelling cheese
i want to wash my cock and go to work
i want to go to work and forget this fuck
but the cunt don't worry, the cunt knows
sex is dope! sex is dope!
the blood comes back and i get hungry and the cunt becomes a cake
i like the color and the taste, i like it to death

but when i die, i see the truth:a dirty hole full of cheese
when i lie in cold sperm and farts, i want to vomit, my tongue is full of cheese!
ahh! don't touch me! hide your cunt!
sex is dope! love is a lie! -
Copyright Costes 1996-1997